Solid Cast Resin Models

We have more recently started offering Solid Cast Resin models as an alternative to wood versions.  They look exactly 100% the same as the wood version and have exactly the same amount of detail (if not more!).  Actually solid cast resin is actually preferred by many rather than wood as it is more stable (no chance or warp or cracking) and a lot stronger and damage resistant (especially for shipping).  It also has a more solid feel and is considerably heavier than wood giving it a more expensive feel.  Resin models in comparison to wood are generally substantially higher in price due to the cost of materials used. Its normally only viable for us to offer resin for a bulk order as to produce one or two models in resin costs a lot more as we actually have to carve a wood version , then make a mold of the various components from the carvings and then afterwards make the parts in resin from the molds.