North American Mustang P51 - Nervous Energy V Model

Model description : North American Mustang P51 - Nervous Energy V

Manufacturer : North American

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Length 14.90 in (37.80 cm) Wingspan 17.10 in (43.40 cm) Height 6.30 in (16.00 cm) Scale 1:26

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The North American Mustang P51 - Nervous Energy V Model scale model aircraft exhibits unique, unrivalled quality and detailed design to come as close as possible to the accuracy of the actual plane. It comes standard with a robust , durable base or stand which is available in a variety of different finishes designed to match your own personal requirements including solid wood, wood with polished chrome steel supports or adjustable wood wall mount and will be ready within about 10-12 weeks (Updated on April 8, 2022) from placement of order. The model airplane is made of the finest kiln dried renewable mahogany wood (commonly known as Lauan or Meranti) which has undergone many stages of carving and meticulous and careful sanding giving the beautiful finished museum quality masterpiece. Many collectors and model connoisseurs demonstrate their preference for genuine handmade and hand painted mahogany wood models rather than plastic, resin or die cast (diecast) alternatives due to the overall look and totally different feel of the item - we trust you will find the same. Our craftsmen and gifted artisans ensure that our finely handcrafted model airplanes match the precise blueprint details of the original aircraft. The model aircrafts paint scheme, markings and parts are closely matched, reflecting the original . This top-quality replica will surely enthral anyone who receives this stylish desktop display as a gift. This model plane is for sure one of the most appropriate and desirably collectable gifts for every aviation enthusiast and avid aircraft collector whilst also displaying a perfect resemblance to the actual North American Mustang P51 - Nervous Energy V Model. We can also make bespoke scale replicas exactly to your requirements of any other military propeller aircraft, bomber or jet fighter from the early days of aviation through major times of world conflict to the present day. These propeller model airplanes span a whole era of Military Aviation from World Wars I and II onwards.


There are many types of military propeller aircraft, but the basic types are bombers, fighters, fighter bombers, spotter planes, transporters, patrol aircraft, trainers, and reconnaissance and observation aircraft. All of these types of aircraft are used for different types of missions. If you're a fan of historic or present day military aviation, our model aircraft will bring the excitement and character of these aircraft right into your own home. You can order a wood airplane model of a North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber, a B17 - Flying Fortress, or a P-51 Mustang Nervous Energy V not forgetting the Bf 109, Spitfire, FW 190, A6M Zero, P-38 and F4U. These classic, propeller airplane models are of the highest quality. Each is individually crafted by our expert craftsmen. They produce handmade scale mahogany airplane models of the finest aircraft from World War I and II to present day biplanes and triplanes. 



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The P51 Mustang was one of the most effective planes of World War Two. The P51 Mustang gave the bombers of US 8th Air Force the fighter cover it so desperately needed over occupied Europe and, therefore, greatly assisted the bombing campaign against Nazi Germany in World War Two..

The P51 was originally ordered in April 1940 by the British Air Purchasing Commission. There was a realisation in Britain that its bomber squadrons were open to attack during bombing raids and that Fighter Command did not have the aircraft available to give Bomber Command sufficient protection. It was to become obvious during the Battle of Britain that one of the main weaknesses against which the Luftwaffe had no answer, was its inability to protect its bombers for any length of time over southern Britain. The Messerschmitt 109’s were formidable opponents for the Spitfires and Hurricanes of Fighter Command, but their time over Southern England was limited by the amount of fuel they could carry. Therefore, the Luftwaffe’s bombers were left exposed to attack when their fighters had to withdraw. Looked at in reverse, if Bomber Command was to attack Germany, it would be in the same situation as both the Spitfire and Hurricane had a limited range and British bombers would be left exposed once their fighter cover had been withdrawn. This left Bomber Command with two choices - attack during the day with the dangers that would bring or attack at night and trust that bomb aiming would be accurate and anti-aircraft fire inaccurate. Bomber Command selected the latter..

In December 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, bringing the United States in on the side of the Allies. Any military research and development in America would benefit the British as now the most powerful military nation in the world was an ally. The American air force was also to participate in the bombing of Germany with dangerous daylight raids. .

The first flight of the P51 Mustang was in September 1942. The aerodynamics of the Mustang were excellent but initially it was underpowered. Fitted with an Allison engine, it was used primarily for photo reconnaissance. However, this all changed when it was fitted with a powerful V-1650 Merlin engine. This engine gave the Mustang sufficient power to enable its streamline shape to be used to its full advantage..

The P51 B was first used in December 1943 and in May 1944, the P51-D was introduced. This plane was fitted with fuel drop tanks that gave it far greater mileage in the air. When these tanks were empty, they could be dropped so that the plane had the full use of its aerodynamics. This extra fuel gave the Mustang an ability to escort the US 8th Air Force bomber formations to just about any target in Western Europe. Such cover was vital to the Americans as they were participating in daylight raids primarily over Germany and were thus exposed to attacks by the Luftwaffe. Before the Mustang, American bombers flew in a box formation and relied on the fire power of the many guns carried by Flying Fortresses to protect a formation. Now the B17�s had a fighter escort to enhance this fire power. The Mustangs speed and manoeuvrability in the air made it a severe test for the Luftwaffe�s fighter pilots..

As well as escorting bombers, the Mustang attacked the Luftwaffe on the ground, destroying many aircraft. As World War Two neared its end, many German fighter planes remained on the ground due to lack of spare parts and fuel. They were an inviting target for Mustang pilots..

The P51 Mustang had an astonishing success rate. Its ratio for kills to losses was said to have been 19 kills for every 1 Mustang lost. The P51 Mustang is credited with the destruction of 4,950 German planes – more than any other Allied fighter – and some of these kills included the jet powered Me 262..

Such was the success of the Mustang, that the Senate War Investigating Committee set up by Harry Truman in 1944, called it “the most aerodynamically perfect pursuit plane in existence.”.

Such was the success of the Mustang, and the positive comments made by those who flew it, that 55 countries bought versions after World War Two had ended..